This is my first solo-CD.
Generally it contains 'techno-elements' spread over four tracks, respectively
13'28, 8'57, 8'04 and 17'40.

Track 1 (elecTEC) is a pure 'danceable' techno-track
with in the middle of the part a weird intermezzo.

Track 2 (romanTEC) starts romantic 'classical',
and becomes 'technical', with 'tiny' sequences later in the piece.
With other terms: "Chilling out with 'Berlin School'-elements" !

Track 3 (deTECtor) is an orgy of several sequences
that illustrates the 'signal' pulses of a detector.

Track 4 (archiTECphonic) is a piece full of intuitive
'traditional' sounds, playing together with several (modern) sequences.
Watch for the rebuilt-simulation of the almost 30-years-old 'Lyricon by Computone' !

Enjoy the music !!

Michel Bekkering.

Track 1 elecTEC (13'28)
Track 2 romanTEC (8'57)
Track 3 deTECtor (8'04)
Track 4 archiTECphonic (17'40)

Sorry, but there are no samples from this album at the moment.

All material composed mixed and mastered by Michel Bekkering in June 2005.
All music and sleeve-design by Michel Bekkering 2005.