New Solo Album by Michel Bekkering, released on 22th May 2010

"Cosmopolitan Dances" is the second studio album by Michel Bekkering
and contains three mind blowing and nicely layered vintage-oriented electronic music compositions
with warm sparkling and nice rendered sequencing with lots of atmosphere and textures.

"Tango Hypnotique” is a tasty 'tango driven' track with strongly
and powerful percussive ingredients and a nice FreeAlpha/Moog-solo at the end.

“Théâtre de Poupée” is blessed with extremely warm & unearthly beautiful sequencing
with a nice intimate piano interlude in the middle of the piece
and featuring a beautiful psychedelic organ with lots of twinkling, echo and delayes.

The cd ends with “Jive dans le Mouvement Lent” which is a well composed slowly building track
with a rolling sequence and nice relaxing soloing, especially near the end.

Highly recommended!

Marc van Olden

Track 1 - Tango - Hypnotique (23:40)
Track 2 - Théâtre de Poupée (07:32)
Track 3 - Jive dans le Mouvement Lent (21:50)

Here you can listen to all samples of this album

All tracks composed, arranged, played, recorded, edited & mixed by Michel Bekkering during 2007. Sleeve by Michel Bekkering.

Many thanks go to Marc van Olden for all mixing and mastering,
René Montfoort for the final mastering, and Lenie for listening & support.

Equipment: Arturia (CS-80V, Moog Modular V), Apple (GarageBand-tools),
LinPlug (FreeAlpha), M-Audio (Best of ProSessions) & iZotope Ozone 4 Mastering Tools.