Welcome to the official site of MODULARWHITE electronic music.

MODULARWHITE composes electronic music & compositions from different ideas & views.
Soundscapes with many kinds of influences from synthesizer music:
traditionally retro-electronic, ambient, new age, synth-pop, electro & (soft) industrial.

The members of MODULARWHITE are René Montfoort, Michel Bekkering, Norman van Krimpen & Marc van Olden.

In 2001 two friends, Rene and Michel formed the band WHITE. They composed together and created five albums:
heaven, memories from tragedies from factories, electricity, sailing trough unknown waters and cybercenter.
Later, in 2003, Norman, alias DJ ice, joined them and the latest member, Marc, joined the group in 2005.
They decided to change their name in MODULARWHITE

All members create and compose music together on a mutual theme.
The machine is an experimental impression of the cyberworld of machines, Canada are the inpressions
of the beautiful nature of this land. and Alpa describes a future fantasy.
Each member has his own homestudio, and produces songs for MODULARWHITE.

Each member also composes and creates music for their own projects.
Michel's music are long tracks, typically EM, with mainly influences of Klaus Schulze.
Norman named himself MANORLOGIC. His music is industrial with heavy beats, but he can also be romantic too.
Marc is specialized in rythmic music with a jazzy and fusion influence with a delightfull ambience.
ROMERIUM, alias René, makes music that's in between ambient, trance and synthpop with many mystic soundscapes.

We invite you to listen to the samples on this website, and we hope that you enjoy our music
as much as we had when we created it.