Solo-album by Michel Bekkering, released in October 2006

In December 2005, I gave myself the order to create some 'retro-electronic music' in the style of the mid-seventies-early eighties.

I was playing some 'minstrelic' sounds on the CS-80 (VST-version), and I decided to give it the name "Minstrel Électronique".
Immediately I recorded it, before it was ready for development. So I joined several atmospheric sounds(capes)
and drumsounds in the middle of the piece and I prepared a Moog-solo for the last ten minutes of this long 'whipping' piece.

Then... the main-theme of the album: ... "Brilliant Fulco!".
This track has been based on a book of an old tale from the middle ages by the Dutch writer C. Joh. Kieviet, titled 'Fulco de Minstreel'.
The tale plays in the year 1297, in and around the castle of IJsselstein.
Fulco, a simple servant, saved, disguised as a minstrel, its master Lord Gijsbrecht of IJsselstein from the prisons of the Lord of Vianen.
As a reward for that action he is beaten to knight.

In the final track "Mel@Tron", probably most of you recognise a lot of nostalgic sounds from the golden years
of electronic music in the seventies. It has been meant as a tribute to many electronic musicians in those years
and in particular the famous (hardware) instruments: M... and M........ .

Enjoy it !!

Michel Bekkering

Track 1 Minstrel Electronique (24:57)
Track 2 Brilliant Fulco! (38:24)
Track 3 Mel@Tron (11:44)

Here you can listen to all samples of this album

All tracks are composed, arranged, played, edited & recorded by Michel Bekkering at his 'V-HomeStudio'.
All tracks are mastered by René Montfoort. Thanks René!

Special thanks to Arturia (Moog Modular, CS-80), M-Audio (M-Tron) & Native Instruments (Absynth 3).

Sleeve-design & illustrations by Michel Bekkering.