Almost the continues part of "cybercenter and Memories from Tragedies from Factories", only this time it tells you the story of all machines through the industrialized world and the e-motions within.
Soundscapes, bubbling synthesizer sounds, electronic rythms, and industrial sounds within many different tracks and songs.
Machine 1 M-Zone (10:40) Rene Montfoort / Michel Bekkering
Machine 2 The Tearmaker (8:26) Rene Montfoort
Machine 3 The Stone Plane Hammer (4:05) Norman van Krimpen
Machine 4 Tripping Mechanism (7:06) Marc van Olden
Machine 5 Self-Aware Operate (16:45) Michel Bekkering
Machine 6 Maschinenblues (7:44) Norman van Krimpen

Here you can listen to all samples of this album

All material composed, arranged, played, edited and mixed by MODULARWHITE between January and June 2006.
All tracks mastered by Rene Montfoort.
Sleeve-design & artwork by Michel Bekkering and Rene Montfoort.

Many thanks goes to:
Peter Wendrich for his free virtural analogue modular synthesizer "Studiofactory",
Glenn Olander for his amazing free semi-modular software synthesizer vst-i "Crystal",
H G Fortune for his wonderfull and unique atmospheric texturesynths !!