"The Land of Living Skies" By Norman van Krimpen

A beautiful relaxing ode to through the landscape and certain (historical) aspects of Canada.
There are 4 impressions around 15 minutes in which we let the listener relax and enjoy
through the space and beauty of this very large country.
Four musical ambiences from different aspects of view.

Vision 1 - Green Waters (Rene Montfoort)
Vision 2 - In Connection with Grouse Mountain (Norman van Krimpen)
Vision 3 - Xylo Peaks - Grainy Falls (Michel Bekkering)
Vision 4 - Timeline of Canadian History (Marc van Olden)

Here you can listen to all samples of this album

All tracks recorded & edited between September 2006 & May 2007 by ModularWhite.
Mixing & Mastering by Rene Montfoort & Marc van Olden
Sleeve design & artwork by Michel Bekkering
Photography by Norman van Krimpen