Finally we survived...and we created an ideal world...
A world without war... a world without sorrow...
There are no women anymore ... only female androids...
Assembly-Line-Positronec-Androide in any taste you like.

The fantasy of the musicians of MODULARWHITE created 10 songs,
which each of it own gives an impression of the future where female androids have taken over.
The songs varies from pop, lounge and soft industial.
They are full of rythm and make you feel energetic. They paint a picture full of live.
ALPA is a fantasy of our future wich we hope it will never be a reality...

01 - AlPa Omega
02 - A Tactile Sense of Touch
03 - Ocean of Light
04 - Parsonic Wishes
05 - AlPavision
06 - AlPa Sense of Emotions
07 - Assembly-Line-Positronic-Android
08 - Touch of Druids
09 - Interculture
10 - AlPa Eclectro

Here you can listen to all samples of this album

Track 01 & 06 by Rene Montfoort
Track 03 & 09 by Norman van Krimpen
Track 04 & 08 by Michel Bekkering
Track 02, 05, 07 & 10 by Marc van Olden
Female voices on Track 01 by Lenie Wijnen

Sleeve design by Michel Bekkering
Sleeve artwork and Illustrations by Marc van Olden
Mastered by Marc van Olden & Rene Montfoort

Produced by ModularWhite, oktober 2008 - March 2009