My passion for music started in the late seventy’s and early eighty’s with fenomenal rock/symphonic groups like Yes and Marillion.
From 1985-1990 I entered the metal scene, I liked Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Iron Maiden.

In the early ninety’s after hearing jazz/fusion at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Hague I became a huge fan ot this music genre.
The following years I listened only to jazz, blues, fusion and lounge music untill I met Michel Bekkering in March 1993.
He was and is a great fan of Klaus Schulze and all kinds of
electronic music.

At first I did not like all those electronic sounds, effects and ambient soundscapes untill I heard several cd’s from Tangerine Dream,
Mike Oldfield, Kraftwerk and Massive Attack.
This changed my life and my enthusiasm for electronic music was growing fast.

From 2000-2005 I discovered a great fascination for electropop or synthpop like Tiefschwarz, Kylie Minogue and Goldfrapp.
I bought a iMac G5 computer, a midi controller and monitor speakers in may 2005. From that time I was learning myself to make music. After a time of searching and experimenting my first cd was born; Consensus Sequenses which has retro and modern
elements in it.