This is my third musical project after ‘Consensus Sequences and ‘Fusionary’.
I wanted to make music about what I do best; compose with the aid of computers. I love all the technical stuff and that you can do everything at home. Composing, playing, editing, mixing, recording and mastering, there is no limit these days.
But what are the limatations of todays electronic music? It seems obvious to me that its unique and it has changed the boudaries of music in the past 30 years. But where are we now?
Can we still shift the boundaries of music in the present? Today’s popular music is in generally poor and illogical
and often boring and with a lack of expression, its not bad all the time but there is not much progression.
We have to inject it with new youthful idea’s and creativity, because good electronic music is the pulsation of live
and who doesn’t love a whole new world with unsuspected sounds and new technology to make that happen.

With this in my mind I started composing...

Marc van Olden
September ‘07

Track 1 Erasing Destiny
Track 2 New Future Plans
Track 3 Synthvision
Track 4 Look into the Future
Track 5 Progress is not Easy
Track 6 Sneak Preview
Track 7 Ability to Expand
Track 8 Transformative Times
Track 9 False Premises
Track 10 Rouch Sketches

Sorry, but there are no samples from this album at the moment.

All the tracks are composed, played, mixed, edited and mastered by Marc van Olden between february and may 2007.
Recorded at FFS Studio Rijswijk, the Netherlands.
Sleeve-design by Marc van Olden 2007.