Mysterious sounds and dreamscapes that gush from the stream-of-conscious with a fragile, delicate core and dreamy imagery.
The album moves from spacey lushness to full-blown analog drum rhythmic shifts, but also showcasing the ability
to capably slip into a more reserved mode when the tracks calls for it.
It's full of emotional crevices and side-swiping melodies with quirky on occasion dissonant drum patterns
and sequences that creep up on you like a cold shiver.
Forging a union and at the same time a fusion between different styles of music into a refreshing mix of strong and artistic compositions.

This was my goal for creating Fusionary,

Marc van Olden
March '06

Fusionary 1 (6:26)
Fusionary 2 (4:10)
Fusionary 3 (3:46)
Fusionary 4 (10:58)
Fusionary 5 (9:22)
Fusionary 6 (5:22)
Fusionary 7 (8:34)

Sorry, but there are no samples from this album at the moment.

Composed, arranged, played, edited and mixed by Marc van Olden
between January 2005 and May 2006
Recorded at Audio Exellence Studio van Olden, Rijswijk, the Netherlands © 2006.
Mastered by Rene Montfoort at Studio 546, The Hague, Netherlands
Sleeve-design by Marc van Olden 2006.