My first cd is a tribute to all the fine techno, trance, electro, ambient, progressive, new wave and industrial music of the past and the present.
The compositions are mostly upbeat with several modern and retro sequences.
Some tracks are very heavy with a lot of effects and FX textures, while others are beautiful harmonic and melodic with warm synthpads.
Some of the tracks consists of programmed drum patterns that interplay with different types of reverb and frequency filtering, mixed in such a way that it’s not clear where the instrument’s timbres end and the added effects begin.
My inspiration comes mostly from the German groups: Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, but also Massive Attack, Mike Oldfield, Depeche Mode, Cypher, Timo Maas, Etienne de Crécy and Elektronische Maschine (the Dutch Kraftwerk) have formed me as an electronic musician.

If you like modern techno, industrial and trance combined with several retro sounds then you have a great time playing this cd.

Play it loud and enjoy!!

Marc van Olden
January ‘06

Track 1 Consensus Sequences 8:32
Track 2 Electro Sequenced Emotion 4:25
Track 3 Ethnic Dream Sequence 9:38
Track 4 Forever Sequenced 8:53
Track 5 FX Sequence Textures 4:59
Track 6 Pulse Sequence Simulator 3:38
Track 7 Sequence Tagged Movement 4:44

Sorry, but there are no samples from this album at the moment.

Composed, arranged, played, edited and mixed by Marc van Olden between september 2005 and januari 2006
Recorded at Audio Exellence Studio van Olden, Rijswijk, the Netherlands © 2006.
Mastered by Rene Montfoort at Studio 546, The Hague, Netherlands
Sleeve-design by Marc van Olden 2006.