MANORLOGIC is Norman van Krimpen, alias DJ Ice.

With Melodies of Movement I try to describe our many movements in life towards different destinations, the ones who are very important to us. I try to describe it musically and emotionally. Emotionally, It's about people and movement, and their destinations. It doesn't matter how you get there, so long you' re getting there All those movements to people's work, home, family, friends or any other business is being told like a musical story. Everything is moving, like a car on the interstate, like a train across the Alps, like a plane above a continent and like the people through the shops in the street, "everybody is moving". But it's not only about people. It's also about things moving through time.
The sun, the wind, the earth and the water of the ocean is moving too. Even distant planets, stars, and Galaxies are moving.
So the words "everything is moving" is just as acurate as the words "everybody is moving".

The song "Trans Continental Highway Blues" is about crossing through the continent;
"Touchdown" is about a uncomfortable landing at the airport;
"Pulsar" is about moving lightbeams from a distant neutronstar in our Galaxy;
A Romantic love affair above the ocean in a 747 in "Loneliness in Paradise";
Meditating above a beautiful landscape in "Trans-Air meditation";
and many more exciting tunes at this first album of Manorlogic.

Musically, it ranks from different electronic styles. Seriously made cosmic syntheziser music in the background, electroclash and body music to the top, and with a little rough edge from deep-techno and other dancy soundlike styles.

Don' t miss it!
Norman van Krimpen.

Track 1 Trans Continental Highway Blues
Track 2 Madmans's Drive
Track 3 Re- Activate
Track 4 Loneliness in Paradise
Track 5 Hyperdrive
Track 6 Pulsar (v1.2)
Track 7 Trans- Airmeditation
Track 8 Touchdown (v2.1)
Here you can listen to all samples of this album

Inspirations: Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream from the atmospheric and bombastic side, Kenny Larkin,

Kraftwerk, DAF, and more Belgian type electrosound in the style of SA 42, at the top.
All tracks on this album are written and composed by Norman van Krimpen
during november 2005 and may 2006.